About ScientifiKIDs

why_r_clouds_whiteOur mission and scope

Most interests leading to a future career begin in childhood. ScientifiKIDS is an educational and multimedia outreach project that provides opportunities for young children to increase their knowledge, understanding and skills in the science technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

We organise assorted practical, explorative learning activities which children can participate in during their spare time with the support of families, teachers, schools and the community.

Our aim is to develop their interests and qualify them for further learning and also future careers in the sciences. We have started in Ghana, and are working to extend to all Africa.


Who we are

ScientifiKIDs is an informal learning project featuring Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) content and curricula in an entertaining manner that equally educates children. It is organized by a team of professionals with assorted expertise in education, science, communication and development including TV & film makers, journalists, photographers, social workers and science teachers, as well in service or training as retired.


What we do

The mission of ScientifiKIDs is to promote children’s love of and excellence in the sciences by supporting them to playfully explore, practice, revise, understand, explain and apply them.

  • Workshops: We organize periodic workshops where children are mentored by experts to prepare, carry out and present their own STEM projects and experiments.
  • Multimedia: In addition we produce and disseminate a variety of multimedia content (a television series, this website, videos), featuring the ScientifiKIDS workshop activities and general STEM news about and for children.
  • Outreach: We also operate an extension programme which comprises Interactive Outreach, planned launch of biennial, (regional, national and international) ‘Basic Schools STEM Fairs’ and establishment of a model Children’s Science Center.


tasteWhom it benefits

ScientifiKIDs was initiated to benefit children. It is designed with a deliberate focus on 6-15 year olds in Ghana and several other African countries because the primary (especially, lower) level is ignored by existing (in particular, extra-curricular) interventions in STEM education which rather target secondary and tertiary levels. We believe that further learning in any given discipline builds upon previously acquired knowledge therefore for children to excel in STEM subjects, it is necessary to begin laying a strong foundation at an early age. Also, emphatic encouragement and assistance is provided to girls, children from under-resourced public schools or communities or with non-literate guardians to enable them participate in and benefit from ScientifiKIDS.


The importance of STEM

STEM plays a crucial role in our everyday lives, affecting for instance the provision, access to and quality of health, food, environment, transport and communications. Understanding STEM so as to make better use of them is an issue for everybody. Team ScientifiKIDS believes that children who grow up mastering scientific and technological knowledge can help solve complex challenges plaguing society such as finding more efficient, inexpensive ways to produce and fairly distribute water and energy without destroying the environment or exhausting natural sources.



Help us to extend ScientifiKIDs!

Several children can benefit from our model if given a chance to participate physically, or at least get to see the TV show or access to our interactive extension work such as solving quiz questions or puzzles by internet or mail. More workshops, venues, science materials, teachers, chaperones and media production logistics are needed to extend our service country-wide.

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