Connect, Catch-Up, Create and Share

ScientifiKIDs engages both endowed and under-resourced schools in new and creative ways to explore the STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) subjects, facilitating interaction, collaboration and mentorship.

Whatever its situation, your school can CONNECT to bring potential, get help to CATCH-UP, CREATE together and SHARE through our workshops, multimedia and outreach programmes.



“We have some very brilliant children who can excel at any level. We also have trained and dedicated  teachers, but the syllabus is so packed that there is not much time left beyond the required hours for extra practice at school and the children lack adequate support at home to revise their studies.”


“Due to free tuition and provision of meals at school, enrollment is satisfactory. However we lack good facilities like labs and teaching aids, also we do not have enough teachers, three handling 400 pupils! You are lucky to be able to learn to count and spell your name correctly in this situation…”

Statements from school heads


Partner with ScientifiKIDs

…to motivate teachers and inspire children to learn, enjoy school better and excel in science. You could host a ScientifiKIDs workshop on your campus, or send a team of teachers and pupils to participate in one at a different venue in your community.

Also ScientifiKIDs welcomes requests from NGOs, churches or community social clubs to engage any group of children in STEM inquiry driven activities to support their learning.

We look forward to meeting, and having fun and learning together.


I would like ScientifiKIDs to come to my school or community!

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