ScientifiKIDs Science Parties 2014

We celebrate our 2014 season with a series of great school events:
The ScientifiKIDs Science Parties!

We started in early July 2014 at Twifo Praso (Central Region), then headed to Achimota (Greater Accra) and finally came to celebrate science at Akosombo in Ghana’s Eastern Region where we are going to end this season with a small Science Fair on 2 August 2014.

We hope you enjoyed the time with us as much as we did!



During August 2014 we will upload many interesting ressources for you: We will report about all Science Parties at the various schools, of course with lots of pictures, and we will prepare many descriptions of projects for you to download and try yourself.

So don’t forget to visit the ScientifiKIDs website soon again!

Finally, a BIG BIG thank you goes to Paul Schmidt-Gehrke for his fantastic support in facilitating the 2014 Science Parties. We are so grateful for your enthusiasm and the knowledge you shared with us and we wish you a pleasant and safe trip home to Germany! We stay in touch, chaley!

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